Why Xretail

We are your gateway to a unified commerce experience

Xretail helps you to reach and engage more with today's customers, convert them to brand ambassadors, and retain your customers with our loyalty programs and promotion engine. Convert today’s walk-in customers into loyal ones with Xretail seamless unified customer experience to guarantee a higher conversion rate and boost your sales. Connect with your customers anytime, anywhere...

Why Xretail


One of Xretail’s significant beliefs is the more customer reach, the more likely to increase sales

Availability 24/7

The availability of the store all the time helps the customer to search, compare or buy any product anytime making the purchasing easier than the Brick and Mortar.

Better Products Showcasing

The unlimited categorization and classification of the product tree will help the ability to represent products in a better way online grabbing the attention of customers more.

why xretail


Ever see people walk into your store, look at few things and walk right back out without purchasing? Engaging customers have always been a challenge. With the continuous evolution of technology A deep emotional connection with the brand. High levels of active participation A long-term relationship

Advanced Promotions Engine

Today, most of the retailers are fighting to attract and engage customers due to the competitiveness of the market. In order to achieve this, techniques such as promotions as tools to attract customers, engage. 


A deep emotional connection with the brand. High levels of active participation Through the personalization engine, enterprise retailers will be able to create personal interactions through pattern.

Behavioral Dashboard

Xretail’s interactive dashboard gives the retailers more insights about the activity of customers, new ones as well as insights about the total sales, most products purchased, customer registration.

Why Xretail


Unlike a brick and mortar store, our way of OMNI Channel retailing is not only relying on the visitor’s physical experience with their products to make a sale. It is always a challenge for retailers to maintain.

Unified Customer Experience

Customers use an increasing number of channels in their buying journey, which poses challenges for retailers as they try to provide consistent experiences across each channel to meet their customers’ expectations.

Seamless Checkout

Xretail provides a seamless checkout experience that helps create great customer experience and better conversion rate. 1-4-page checkouts can be configured with unlimited layout options.

Omnichannel Retailing

With Xretail’s omnichannel retailing platform, end customers will purchase products on many well-integrated channels creating seamless experience, thus meeting their demand, fulfilling their satisfaction

Why Xretail


Retailing in which we claim our expertise, customer retention can help understand how positive the customer experience is as well as whether customer’s expectations are met or not. Acquiring new Xretail.

Profile Based Discount

Giving customers special treatment always increases their level of satisfaction and retention for any brand as they feel that they are treated differently than any other person, which is supported in Xretail’s I-Cart feature.

Omni loyalty

Xretail provides a wide range of loyalty programs options that will boost customer lifetime value, drive repeat purchases and ensure customers will return.

Customer Communication

Emails, push notifications and SMSs give the opportunity to continue building a relationship with the customers before and after initial purchase, every message being sent adds value to the customer’s experience.

Why choose Us

Xretail uniqueness relies on the smart usage of artificial intelligence, personalization, and machine learning to take enterprise retailers to the next level.

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Xretail enables enterprise retailers to perform all types of retailing operations, and helping them to focus more on enhancing customer's experience and engagement, streamlining sales processes and increasing sales volume.

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