Xretail Unified Commerce

provides a successful long-term relationship between customer and enterprise

Business processes are transferred from brick and mortar to a unified online/on-ground process to better engage with customers and win their hearts.

Xretail offers customer a great shopping experience across physical stores, online and mobile stores channels. While the Loyalty program enables customers to acquire and redeem their loyalty points smoothly across all channels and guarantee customer retention

Sell More with Xretail unified commerce Customer Profiling & Personalization. , Unified Customer Experience. , Unified Commerce Inventory Visibility. , Unified Commerce Loyalty Program. , Unified Orders Management. , Unified Reports ,

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Xretail uniqueness relies on the smart usage of artificial intelligence, personalization, and machine learning to take enterprise retailers to the next level.

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Xretail enables enterprise retailers to perform all types of retailing operations, and helping them to focus more on enhancing customer's experience and engagement, streamlining sales processes and increasing sales volume.

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