Xretail social commerce

features the entire retail experience with social media network eco-system.

There is no need to leave the preferred social media platform that is being used, providing all the information customers need to research, compare, and ultimately choose you over your competitor, thus purchasing from you and not others. According to a research, 74% of consumers turn to social networks to guide their purchases.

When asked Xretail's users "What Xretail's Social Commerce had helped them achieve?"

  • Customer Traffic.
  • Customer Engagement.
  • Brand Equity.
  • Social Proof.

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Xretail uniqueness relies on the smart usage of artificial intelligence, personalization, and machine learning to take enterprise retailers to the next level.

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Xretail enables enterprise retailers to perform all types of retailing operations, and helping them to focus more on enhancing customer's experience and engagement, streamlining sales processes and increasing sales volume.

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Discover our worldwide network of resellers who can implement your unified commerce experience

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