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Enables enterprise retailers to open a new branch in their customers’ pockets.

Spending more and more time on their mobiles as more than 80% of shoppers prefer using mobile phones to computers — either for product searches, price comparisons, or locating stores, thus mCommerce is getting more efficient every day being a powerful tool for retailers to increase their sales, conversions and loyalty as well as trach customer data for targeted marketing.

Mobile phones nowadays are offering a lot of opportunities to retailers in expanding their market share and connecting well with their customers. Retailers who offer a seamless mobile shopping experience and letting the small things as well as the big ones to be done right on any device, earn the loyalty of their customers. Xretail advanced location engine that uses Geo fencing and Geo tagging trigger personalized shopping experience that increase customer engagement leading to more conversion and retention rates, reflected in Higher Sales and ROI

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Xretail uniqueness relies on the smart usage of artificial intelligence, personalization, and machine learning to take enterprise retailers to the next level.

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Xretail enables enterprise retailers to perform all types of retailing operations, and helping them to focus more on enhancing customer's experience and engagement, streamlining sales processes and increasing sales volume.

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