Jewelry and Accessories Industry

Jewelry and Accessories Industry

Consumers today hold the power forcing any retailer to be hyper sensitive to their needs and wants and always meeting their expectations.
Provide In-Depth Product Information:

Fine jewelry consumers rely heavily on the ethics of jewelry retailers to provide them with authentic merchandise. As they cannot try the jewelry themselves online, they need to feel the transparency in the information provided for each product before proceeding in any purchase. Omnichannel jewelry retailers should give their customers all the information they need and expecting from providing strong product descriptions as well as images that show the details of the product to give their customers the feeling they need to have as if they are in the store. Xretail helps to always be up to customers’ expectations and even exceeding it. With the wide range of product catalog feature, products can be displayed in an attractive way from categorizing them to an unlimited number of levels, adding all the required features for each product, cropped pictures for each part of the product, colors…etc. thus providing the customers with all the data that will fulfill their desires and giving them the ability to compare easily between products.

Maintaining Real-Time Visibility:

Today's consumers have higher expectations for order fulfillment and supply chains, though becoming more complex, have to meet these demands to maintain customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Consumers must be able to track their order from purchase to delivery and expect their order to arrive promptly and safely. Slow delivery times make shoppers more likely to abandon their cart. On the flip side, timely deliveries make them more likely to recommend a retailer to others and write positive reviews. Jewelry retailers must employ a supply chain management solution that enables them to monitor their supply chain in real time, so they can immediately resolve any issues and respond to customers to keep them updated on their order. Xretail helps in avoiding any supply chain issue by providing the option of the minimum stock level where the number of minimum stock can be added for each product and once reached the system gives an alert in order to replenish it again to avoid any shortage in stock with the customers. Besides that, its integration with any shipment system allows the customers to be updated with their shipment status making sure that their order is safe and will be delivered on time.

Deliver an exceptional omnichannel shopping experience:

When it comes to engagement, customers want more than products as they want to be part of the community that supports the lifestyle they are looking for. They want to feel the journey, want to be treated as special ones and want to have the same unique experience. To be able to meet their preferences, engage them and always keep their satisfaction and joy while shopping. You have to offer deeper level of personalization and a unified customer experience. Surprisingly, you don’t have to worry about that because Xretail will provide you with all the features that will help you to create the required level of personalization you need for each customer as well as the required unified experience. With Xretail’s personalization feature, a unique personal interaction with the customers will be created as well as customization for their buying journey dynamically showing product recommendations based on browsing behavior, purchase history data, demographics…etc. Besides that, we help providing customers with such experience by building an immediate alignment for all channels, products, prices and customer interactions as well as providing consistent appearance for any store through all devices. Thus, customer can access a single cart for shopping on a mobile phone, computer, tablet...etc

It all comes down to data:

Successful omnichannel retail brands thrive on the analysis and interpretation of data to drive decision-making. Online tools provide granular data about the behaviors and demographics of website users—the challenge for new online players is harnessing all this data through a robust analytics platform to drive increased site traffic and ultimately sales. Xretail’s interactive dashboard gives more insights about the active customers, inactive ones or new ones as well as insights about the total sales, revenue, most products purchased, customer registration…etc. Enhancing the decision-making process and helping in taking fast actions towards the customers to engage them more

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