Cosmetics Industry:

Cosmetics Industry

Consumers today hold the power forcing any retailer to be hyper sensitive to their needs and wants and always meeting their expectations.
Category and brand gating:

In the world of Cosmetics, customers are given lots of options and choices. You have a huge number of products, SKUs, categories. A side of that you need to provide your customers with an easy search and navigation way through tens of thousands of options needed to be presented in a way that is simple. From shades of color to specific ingredients, custom product attributes are essential when matching beauty products to customer needs. It’s about helping a customer find the perfect shade of foundation, cream color corrector, and illuminator, then helping them pair products that work together.

Xretail helps in satisfying every retailer’s need as well as satisfying customers with its product catalog feature where a wide flexibility is given in sorting all the products in a way that helps any customer while searching for any product. Besides that, we help retailers in giving their customers all the information they need to proceed in their purchase increasing their cross-selling and upselling.


There’s no better way to guide the customer through the minefield of Cosmetics buys than with a few personal recommendations. After all they need a bit of a helping hand when they can’t experience the product for themselves while shopping online. A side of personal recommendations to customers, personalization can also be in promotions. If your customers have an account or loyalty card then it’s easy to see exactly what and when they’re buying. It means you can reach out to them with personalized promotions based on their favorite products, categories or spending patterns. Xretail provides all the personalization tools that help in giving the customers a hand in their purchase as well as engaging them leading to higher sales, customer satisfaction and yet customer conversion.

Tempting Cosmetics addicts to buy more:

Cosmetics products often come in collections which are ideal for upselling and cross-selling. If a customer has selected a cleanser then the timing is probably right to tell them about the toner. If they’re browsing moisturizers then tell them all about your best-selling day cream. Show the perfect items to complete a purchase at the checkout and suggesting additional items is a nice way to build up the order value. With Xretail’s Related Items feature, People who Bought also Bought and People who Viewed also Viewed features, customers will be given the recommendations needed during their purchase thus, driving them to buy all the complementary products with their selection giving them a hand and being always up to their expectations

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