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Consumers today hold the power forcing any retailer to be hyper sensitive to their needs and wants and always meeting their expectations.

With the boom of fashion brands every day and the direction of consumers towards omnichannel retailing, fashion retailers became in a continuous challenge to convince their clients that the displayed products in their online store is perfectly fitting them. In order to do this, you have to put as much information as possible for each product from: size, color, measurements, different views for the products. Xretail helps in providing all the needed data for each product, adding cropped images for the real product color, adding all the required features for the product providing the customers with all the data that will fulfill their desires and giving them the ability to compare easily between products

Inventory Intelligence: A side of consumerism, stock visibility, inventory intelligence, and operational agility to quickly change tack in a timely manner are necessities in today’s fashion supply chain. If the supply chain fails to deliver, it’s the brand’s name that is impacted. Retailers and fashion brands have very long and sensitive supply chains. A number of variables can affect a brand’s quality or name.

If items are consistently out of stock, people will shop elsewhere. Xretail gives the aid to avoid any supply chain issue by providing the option of the minimum stock level where you add the number of minimum stocks for each product and once reached the system gives you an alert in order to replenish it again to avoid any shortage in stock with your customers.

Keep it Simple:

The in-store experience is the same for every single person who walks in. The store doesn’t change, the associates don’t change and the fitting room doesn’t change. The customer can try several outfits and then decide which one to choose. The biggest challenge here is how you can bring the instore experience to your online store and make the online fitting a unique experience that each customer can feel great about. The answer to this is very simple. Your online fitting experience should be simpler and it has to create a sense of convenience and ease that’s missing from the physical shopping and fitting system. With Xretail the instore fitting experience will be brought to the customer online. The related items feature allows you to give the customer all the suggestions for the products that can be bought with the selected ones giving your customer the whole outfit needed.

Customer Engagement and Brand Loyalty:

The success of fashion retailers comes with the trust that is built with their customers whom in return will convert into loyal brand advocates encouraging others through word of mouth for purchase decisions.

Building a strong base of loyal customers is a key of success for any retailer. With Xretail’s advanced promotion engine and customer engagement tools, the loyalty and satisfaction of your customers will be guaranteed leading to higher sales rate.

Customers can add reviews for each product, send any feedback, loyalty programs can be applied for the active customers, wide range of discount types are provided that can be tailored for a specific customer…etc.

Besides that, engaging mails can be sent to customers every now and then informing them with the newest collection, the most purchased products, newsletters and alert mails for their abandoned carts to help them take an action

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