About Us

About Us.

Xretail is a Global leader in Unified Commerce solutions. Xretail’s main target is to empower enterprise retailers to boost their sales via creating new unified sales channels as eCommerce, Mobile commerce, Social commerce, TV commerce, and VR commerce. Xretail’s Cloud-based platform along with Retail Pro’s capabilities creates a seamless end to end solutions allowing enterprise retailers to blend brick and mortar retailing along with digital retailing in one unified platform, with unified customer experience. Xretail uniqueness is based on the full usage of artificial intelligence, personalization, and machine learning to take retailing to the next level.

Why Choose Us.

Xretail is a credible framework that supports many huge Portals on the Region enabling clients to position themselves among the elite enterprises that will have a remarkable market share in selling their products online with its distinguished features enhancing business growth, nevertheless creating efficiencies along with the provision of Support and Reporting that is needed for long-term planning purposes.

Our History.

Xretail is a Global leader in Omnichannel Retailing that was founded in “2011” enabling Enterprise retailers to perform all types of retailing operations along with helping them to focus more on enhancing customer experience, customer engagement, streamlining sales processes, and increasing sales volume and frequency.

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